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A tattoo is permanent, so we recommend that you think about it and be sure to do it, that you do not feel carried away by fashions or people who influence you. That way you will enjoy it and every day you see it you will be more proud to wear it.

It is important to know what to do, you can have various influences, music, tastes, work, etc … whatever you do to yourself and you have reflected that after several years you will continue to like it, it will be a good reason. It is also important to choose the area where you want to do it, since the area can also influence the size and shape.

Finding a professional who makes your design come true and remains as closely as possible to the original with the necessary safety and hygiene should not be difficult, but you have to make sure that he is a good professional and that he is facing the public and that he has Everything in order, since a level of hygiene and asepsis is required that people who tattoo at home do not give you, in addition to the little artistic and technical level that they may have. Remember that a tattoo is forever.

A tattoo is very bearable, do not be afraid of it because in a short time, as soon as it is finished you will realize that it was not so bad.

The professional, in due course, will indicate how you have to carry out the cures, always with the highest possible hygiene.

As a general rule, a tattoo that is well done or that does not have any complications when curing it, does not have to be reviewed, when the tattoos are reviewed after doing it is because the color has gone, it is because the one who has done it does not have much idea tattooing and has not left the pigment where it has to stay (forever). Even if they tell you that your skin does not accept color … etc.

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A tattoo is a permanent mark. You can choose if you want everyone to know or if you prefer to make it less visible. This could affect your job prospects, as not all companies look favorably on body art when hiring an employee. Prejudices are being put aside day by day, but they persist. So think about it.